Association between electrical conductivity and milk production traits in Dairy Gyr cows

Daniella Flavia Vilas Boas, Aníbal Eugênio Vercesi Filho, Mariana Alencar Pereira, Luiz Carlos Roma Junior, Lenira El Faro


This study investigated the association of electrical conductivity (EC) of milk with milk production and composition traits in Dairy Gyr cows. Monthly milk samples were collected on the official milk recording day for laboratory analysis of somatic cell count, EC and milk composition. A total of 680 samples from 268 cows belonging to eight herds in the southeastern region of Brazil were collected between January and July 2012. Traits were analysed by the restricted maximum likelihood method using mixed models in order to associate EC and somatic cell score (SCS) with the other traits. Mean EC and SCS were 4.90 mS/cm and 4.66, respectively, and the correlation between these traits was 0.41. Linear regression of EC on SCS indicated an increase in EC of 0.094 mS/cm per SCS. Despite the relationship between EC and SCS, the former analysed only on the official recording day may not be a reliable method for the diagnosis of mastitis. However, EC could be used as an auxiliary trait in the analysis of mastitis resistance simultaneously with somatic cell count since, in addition to the association between these two traits, the measurement of EC is an inexpensive, simple and rapid method.

Fonte: Journal of Applied Animal Research

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