Bovine meat and bone meal is an economically viable alternative in quail feeding in the initial phase

Carla C. Pizzolante, Sérgio K. Kakimoto, José E. Moraes, Ana Paula O. Saccomani, Daniela F. Soares, Gustavo C. Paschoalin, Fábio E.L. Budiño


Quail egg production has experienced a steep rise in the last decade. Nutrition is the main factor affecting productive potential in the poultry industry, as appropriate nutritional management is necessary to ensure the maintenance of optimal physical conditions, growth and the production of high quality products. Meat and bone meal (MBM) has often been used in the poultry industry as an alternative and cost-effective source of protein in partial replacement of corn and soybean meal. However, there have been no studies to date that have investigated the effect of dietary MBM on the performance of quail or on the costs of production in the starter phase. This is particularly important considering that this phase is characterized by large investments by producers, without immediate economic return. In this study, we investigated whether partial replacement of soybean meal (SBM) by meat and bone meal (MBM) in the diet of Japanese quail during the starter phase is a viable alternative that would maintain or improve their productive and economic performance. Our results show that the inclusion of MBM in the diet of quail reduces feeding costs by up to 6% without impairing productive performance.

Key words: alternative feed; costs; levels; performance; protein feed.

Fonte: Anais da acadêmia Brasileira de Ciências, p.1-5, 2016.


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