The utilization of tropical legumes to provide nitrogen to pastures : A review

Flávia Maria de Andrade Gimenes, Henrique Zavarez Barbosa, Luciana Gerdes, Alessandra Aparecida Giacomini, Karina Batista, Waldssimiler Teixeira de Mattos, Linda Mônica Premazzi, Alberto Nagib de Vasconcellos Miguel


Sustainable models of animal production constantly seek for ways to pasture production with inputs reduction. In this context, the introduction of forage legumes in the pasture system is fundamental to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and supply it to grasses, increasing its productionand persistence, enhancing animal nutrition as it grazes, at the same time. Still, the use of plant mixes in the system brings further benefits to it, such as better utilization of fertilizers as well as enhances the nutrient cycle and soil coverage. However, there are still many gaps in our knowledge regarding intercropping legumes and grasses, especially the use of tropical legumes. The purpose of this review is compiles data about forage legumes as well as analyses them to find new tendencies and gaps on the knowledge to shed some lights on researches in this area. We also expect that this review will help researchers and producers to understand the role of forage legumes in a pasture system and that there will be an increas e in its utilization worldwide, especially in the tropics, where nitrogen is easily leached and lost from the pastures. With emphasis on description of promising tropical legumes but still little used Arachis pintoi, Macrotyloma axillarie and Neonotonia whightii.

Arachis pintoi, grass, Macrotyloma axillare, mixed pasture, Neonotonia wightii.

Fonte: African Journal of Agricultural Research, v.12, n.2, p.85-92, 2017.



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