Institute of Animal Science and Pastures (IZ)

National and international reference for its scientific researches on livestock and pastures, it aims to "Develop and transfer technology and inputs to the sustainability of animal production systems." In 1909 the Institute has conducted the first selections in Caracu Cattle in Farm Cattle National Selection in Nova Odessa city at Sao Paulo State , Brazil.

It was with the remarkable and extremely effective contribution by Dr. Carlos Botelho, which held the position of Secretary of Agriculture and in July 15 1905 was created in Mooca in Sao Paulo the Central Office of Zootechnics. He was transferred in 1929 to the Água Branca Park in Sao Paulo City with the same designation. In 1970 it was transformed into Institute of Animal Science and Pastures adapting to the needs required by large expansion that was reaching animal production for decades. From 1970 to 1975 the major office remained in Água Branca Park moving finally to Nova Odessa City in Sao Paulo State County.

The IZ belongs to the State Department of Agriculture and Food Supply (SAA) of the State of Sao Paulo and interacts through the São Paulo Agency of Agribusiness and Technology (APTA) through its various research institutes and centers in different regions of Sao Paulo State granting them respective demands.

With a herd of about 4,000 animals IZ offers technology support in the areas of beef cattle and dairy cattle, swine and sheep industry. It promotes the development of science and technology to increase productivity and efficiency of these production chains and their derivatives.

IZ conducts research on genetic improvement of beef cattle, forage crops and pasture, livestock grazing, animal health, genetics and reproduction, ethology and ambience. The production and quality of meat and milk; agrosilvipastoris systems; production systems for intelligent search and data management. It also offers numerous laboratory tests, products and services and training in several areas.

It offers a stricto sensu Master Degree post graduation course in the area of ​​"Sustainable Animal Production" for professionals in the fields of Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Biology and Biochemistry aiming to animal productivity, product quality and environmental impacts these activities.

Thus the Institute of Animal Science and Pastures in its over 107 years of existence has been fulfilling its function and establishing a stronger commitment to its users solving the daily farmer issues.

This is the reason why IZ is present in somehow in the erevy-day Sao Paulo´s citizen - whether at lunch steak, milk for breakfast, leather shoes, belt and purse, finally, improving the quality of life and dignity of people and animals.

IZ 2020 – IZ Sustainable
Seeking for the Sustainable Development of Animal Production Systems the Institute of Animal Science and Pastures was restructured in 2012 both administratively and technically in order to allow its crew - technicians and researchers to support research - administrative and training and transfer right away in an integrated way, linking up products - beef, sheep, swine and poultry, milk, grains, fiber and energy - with the basic sciences and laboratory support - forage crops, nutrition, health, behavior, welfare, breeding, genetics and improvement in order to assess the complexity of the various existing production systems and their supply chains, yielding results more profitable, socially just, culturally and environmentally coherent conservationists, exploring the full potential of the land without the degradation.

In the experimental farms Units (Research and Development) now prioritizes the maintenance of production systems (ILP and ILPF) as the basis for the development of scientific research, which will be continuously incorporated into the systems when validated and also serving as local training and technology transfer. The teamwork conducting projects of medium and long-term allied with multi-institutional cooperative actions, demonstrating the importance of cooperatives and associations as a basis for the growth of agribusiness of Sao Paulo and Brazil.

In order to generate and transfer knowledge in science and technology to agribusiness aiming higher productivity and superior quality:
I - conduct research for the development of animal production chains, seeking technological innovations to promote the productivity, quality and diversity of production;
II - identify and maintain the genetic heritage of species, breeds and strains of animals of interest socioeconomic;
III - to identify and maintain the genetic heritage of species, varieties and cultivars of vegetables socioeconomic interest for food and animal health;
IV - contribute to the development of sustainable regional agribusiness.

Quality in everything we do;
Scientific integrity;
Yield .

It being a socially responsible Institute, that makes a difference. To be always committed to the tech and scientific high quality production and also facing the challenges ahead.

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