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Genetic factors affecting cattle temperament in four beef breeds

Matheus José R. Paranhos da Costa, Ubiratan Piovezan, Joslaine Noely dos Santos Gonçalves Cyrillo, Alexander George Razook


Cattle temperament has practical significance since it is related to human and cattle safety and welfare, herd productivity and meat quality. Aiming to evaluate genetic factors on cattle temperament, we have used two measurements: flight speed (FS) and agitation score (AS) in a Brazilian herd with four breeds. The heritability and the bulls’ predicted breeding values (p) of FS and AS were estimated. Significant effects of breed for both traits, and sire within breed and animal within breed and sire for AS, were found. The heritability estimates were 0.35 and 0.34, respectively, for FS and AS. The correlation between FS and AS was -0.628 (P<0.001). In conclusion, cattle temperament may be manipulated through selection, but flight speed and agitation score measurements do not represent the same aspect of cattle temperament.


7th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, August 19-23, 2002, Montpellier, France


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