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Microbiology water quality for animal consumption




 Keywords: animal consumption, E.coli, heterotrophic bacteria, water


Water designed for human or animal consumption must attend to minimal quality standards in order to guarantee the ideal consumption, without injuries due to bad quality, such as microbiology or chemical contaminants. This work aimed to evaluate microbiology quality of water offered in the Institute of Animal Science and Pastures (IZ), focused on animal consumption. Three areas were chosen for the 25 sampling analysis: Maracanã area, destinated for Bovine growing and fattening, IZ main area and Environmental preserved area Armelindo Nindo Budini, called Manancial, passing by “Isidoro Bordon Grove”. In these samples, pH , total coliforms, E.coli and heterotrophic bacteria were measured, using Colitest Commercial Kit for total and E.coli and, R2A and TSA media for heterotrophic bacteria counting. The pH from all samples showed results according to legislation standards for animal consumption, around 5.8 for natural sources and from 6 to 7 at other sites (lagoon, pipes, etc). Total coliforms were presented at the Lake, at both sampling sites (boarder and inside the Lake) and in the paddock no. 6, from Maracanã area. At Institute of Animal Science and Pasture (IZ) main area, total coliforms were observed at Planalto Stream, at both sampling sites, at the Grove Isidoro Bordon and in the small lake, by the Guesthouse. In the Manancial area, no total coliforms were found. From such areas, E.coli were presented at the lake edge, from Maracanã area and at the Planalto Stream, inside the IZ. From all 25 sampling sites, 28 % showed Total Coliforms and 8 % presented E.coli. For heterotrophic bacteria counting to animal consumption, maximum counting must be 1000 CFU .mL-1 according to CETESB standards and 68 % of the samples showed superior results superior for R2A medium and 32 % for TSA medium. Comparison of both culture media, R2A presented results 293 % higher than TSA medium, showing the high nutrient medium can fade the microbiological variability present at some ecosystems. R2A medium, nutrient poor, is very similar to the water environment and it is the most indicated medium for it is purpose. Based upon this work, periodically management must be done at animal drinking spots at the paddocks and there is a need for better preservation at water sources inside the Research Institute of Animal Science and Pastures to guarantee water quality for animal production. This work attempt to the lack of studies for better water quality given to livestock, which reverses in human health quality.
Financial support: FUNDAG, IZ ( SIGA 3569)

V Simpósio de Microbiologia Aplicada – 11 a 14 de Maio de 2011 Instituto de Biociências - Unesp Rio Claro,SP

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